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With the Avaya IP Office, you're in good company. Over 500,000 systems installed worldwide, with scalability from 2 users up to 4000. Your choice of outside lines, plain old analogue, ISDN, SIP/VoIP, H.323, and your choice of extensions, plain old analogue, digital system phones, IP system phones, third party SIP/VoIP devices. All in the same system.

the right device to suit any employee, anywhere

Whether your staff need a full functioning digital or IP handset with buttons, maybe a video softphone on a laptop for use whilst on the road? or just a standard cordless phone you already had on your existing system. 

a range of business applications to empower intelligent business decisions

Contact centre reporting and call queuing, conversation recording, voicemail, complex IVR, database integration, API for third party applications and DIY development. outbound autodialer for sales campaigns.

Bolt on applications make the Avaya IP Office an extremely flexible option, and keep the costs down as you don't pay for things you don't need. Of course if you do need the functionality, it's all ready to go. 

proven bloodlines, strong heritage, global support

Your choice of a server based platform/ virtual server platform, or a proprietary standard rack mounted appliance. All the same functionality and familiar operation for users regardless of the platform choice. A mix of platforms can be joined together within the same customer network.

flexibility without rival. a true convergence based appliance

Get the right device and the right lines connected to one appliance, no adapters required. The Avaya can handle all the standard business connections on the same platform at the same time.

Click on the Avaya Logo below for a quick product overview, and or contact us to find out more or book a custom demo, at your place or ours!

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